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Josh Kim Co-Founder

Varun Patel Co-Founder

Josh is co-founder and CEO of Artos. Josh previously led translational AI initiatives at the University of Chicago Medicine, where he developed best-in-class AI tools for use cases ranging from clinical trial endpoint analysis to medical devices for real-time symptom management.

Varun is a co-founder and CTO at Artos. He studied Molecular Engineering at the University of Chicago and has a Masters in Translational Medicine from UCSF/UC Berkeley. He previously worked as a Software Engineer in the healthcare/medtech space, where he developed ML enabled mobile applications for dementia caregivers and improved insurance infrastructure at the largest healthcare company in the world.

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Launching YC: Artos

"Artos (YC W24)’s

document-drafting platform

helps life sciences companies

put together their

submission documents

in half the time."

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At Artos, we make it easy for
life sciences companies to be
at the forefront of AI.

Instead of paying lots of money to contractors or spending hours writing out documents for regulatory submissions, life sciences teams use our platform to synthesize their data and information on a product into high-quality first drafts of protocols and other documents in minutes, iterate sections in seconds, and meet rigorous document quality standards with near-zero effort. 

Expedite your process

Get drafts

of your

clinical documents

done quickly.

Guaranteed quality


documents cite

sources to enable

quick and easy

quality control.

Hyper secure

Your data stays yours.

We'll never use

your data to train

other AI.


Our tools can

customized to

your workflow

and needs.

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Turn data into regulatory submissions in minutes, not months


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